If you haven’t tried the SendOutCards app – you are missing the boat folks!  The app gives you the ability to stay in touch even MORE easily with the important people in your life, whether they are prospects, customers, friends or family, all in seconds!  Check out this short tutorial for Android phones!

And here’s one for us iOS users!

Make sure that you have the latest update – new features have been added and more are coming!  For iOS users, you can now send campaigns via the App!  This is powerful! Imagine being at a networking event, meeting people and gathering their contact information, entering it into your phone on the spot and sending them a campaign that you set up prior to the event!  Don’t worry Android users, this functionality is coming soon for you as well!

You can send a free card on the app by clicking on this link from your smart phone!  Download the app and check it out!  Remember, we are always available to walk you through the system features!  You are going to love it — and this system WILL take your business to the next level!!