Let’s talk sales, making money & where Relationship Marketing fits into your target market…

First, what is a Target Market?

Target Market is where a salesperson or business owner should focus their time and efforts. Why? Because prospecting the wrong audience is a waste of time, energy and produces;

  • a longer sales process and;
  • fewer profits, plus;
  • time wasted

Spending time to find the right consumers for your product and service is essential. This produces buyers needing your service or product. Simply put, the right prospect is likely to want what you’re selling. Consequently, spending the time to discover your target market is crucial.

Prospecting the right target market fills your funnel full of potential customers.

Once you have the right target market, it’s time to assess their wants and needs.

Assessing their wants and needs puts you in a position of trust and confidence. Hence this is where relationship marketing comes in by building the trust and confidence that more importantly, produces a sale, which is the desired outcome.

Mark Hunter is known as the “Sales Hunter” and the author of ‘High-Profit Prospecting’ also, the co-founder of the ‘Outbound Conference.’ He shares why sales are not about “what we are selling” or “how we sell.” He tells us it’s about “WHY” we sell.

Don’t miss out on this valuable interview where Mark shares his successful methodology…

Relationship Marketing with Kody B: Mark Hunter

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