Now you don’t have to be fearful with this win, win, close!

Most salespeople are scared to ask for a sale because they are afraid of ruining the relationship, so they just don’t ask or move forward. Basically, they do nothing.

Closing sales is about taking an assessment of where you are in presenting the deal.

Frankly, the simplest way to do this is to ask 2 questions. With the first question, there are only 2 answers they can give you; yes or no.

Here are the questions…

  1. Does it make sense for us to ________? (Insert advancement)…This allows the sale to move forward when the answer is “YES.” If the answer is “NO” then simply ask…
  2. What do you think the next step is then? 90% of the time your prospect will feel comfortable enough to lead you into what should happen next in the sales process.

Consequently, the beauty of these questions, whether your answer was a “yes” or “no” you end with a sale or a suggestion of how to move the deal forward. Talk about a win, win! This formula advances you in closing sales at a pace your prospect/customer feels comfortable.

I’ve learned so much more valuable information from this interview with James Muir speaker and author of “The Perfect Close” and wanted to share this with you here…

Relationship Marketing with Kody B. & James Muir

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