The world needs more kindness. and our company is committed to spreading kindness and gratitude, one card at a time. The Card Flurry™ movement was created in an effort to leverage the power of kindness, as well as a network of generous people, to once a month impact one family or individual that is facing an unexpected crisis. Our goal is to shower one family or individual per month with so much positivity in the form of cards and gifts that we may help to lift their spirits in a time of devastation.

Our first Card Flurry™ was sent to the Hunter family of Iowa that were in a tragic automobile accident just before Christmas and lost 2 of their 3 children, their 8 year old daughter, Diamond and their 7 year old son, Donny. The magnitude of this event is inconceivable to most people and almost beyond comprehension. It’s even difficult to know what to say to a family facing such a tragedy. Each of us would speak from the heart, put it in a card and send it in an effort to ease their pain. We would show that we care.  You can read more about the story here, or watch this news video.

You can join The Card Flurry™ at, signing up to get the once a month notifications of where to send your card.

We’d be honored if you would consider using our card service to make it easy for you to send your card – we’ll even cover the cost of your first card.

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However you’d like to send your card… just do it!  Be the change you want to see in the world!